Wednesday Hodgepodge

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1. February 22nd is National Be Humble Day…what makes you proud? What keeps you humble?

I am proud to be American, a daughter and a sister. Those are all things I had no control over. I think being humble has to do with knowing that I am a sinner and I’m blessed for what I do have and don’t deserve it.

2. Where is the catch-all (aka dumping ground) in your house?
 Where should I start? The area by the phone seems to always be cluttered with mail, notepads, pictures, etc. The bar area no matter how many times I unclutter it, gets cluttered with bills and tax junk. It just breeds in this house.
3. Do you make it a point to visit State/National Parks when you travel or even in your own hometown? What’s your favorite?
I have visited Yosemite National Park, but only because a childhood friend’s family invited me on their trip. My family was not the camping type. I thought Yosemite was beautiful, gorgeous. We did some hiking, some swimming. We had this cement type thing that we slept in in our sleeping bags which was very rustic for me, but I had a good time. I love being in nature and I’d like to visit all our National Parks someday. I also used to live in Winema National Forest in Oregon. Our house and land was near there. It too was really beautiful, but to live there daily it was too isolated for me.

4. How would you define honor?
Honor is being truthful to yourself and others. To stand behind everything you do and say.

5. Angel’s food or Devil’s food-which cake do you prefer?
I prefer Angel’s food cake with Cool Whip and crushed pineapple. I also like chocolate cake, but it’s heavier and it’s always too big a slice.
6. What’s the most recent road trip you’ve taken? Where did you go and how many hours did you spend in the car? Do you like to zoom to your destination without stopping or leisurely wind your way there with stops along the way? What is your car snack of choice?
I think the last real trip was last July when I drove with Dorothy, a knitting friend to Portland, OR from Southern CA. Dorothy invited me on the trip so she wouldn’t be alone and she hoped I would help drive. Well I love to drive and she has a Prius which is very cool. After I guess she figured out that I was a good driver and she felt safe I did all the driving! We stopped along the way which was fine with me, we had to find some sights bc she had Groupons to use, we stopped for lunch, we never did fast food. We stopped for several yarn stores, because, come on, we are yarnies. And we even stopped for donuts! We heard about Voodoo Doughnuts, they have like a cult following and so we had to find one on the way home, I think it was in Eugene and it was worth the drive! We didn’t have car snacks, I didn’t feel comfortable eating in her car and it’s better for me not to munch in the car.

7. Recent headlines told how a preschool child in NC had their packed lunch from home taken away and a school lunch substituted by a school inspector who deemed the homemade lunch unhealthy. Reportedly the parent was then billed for the school lunch (chicken nugget meal) although an update to the story says the parent was not billed. The inspector was conducting a routine inspection of the classroom-he/she was not there solely to peek in the lunchboxes.
The packed lunch contained a turkey and cheese sandwich, an apple juice box, a bag of chips, and a banana. You can read the story here. Your thoughts?
I’m sorry but I didn’t take the time to read the whole story but based on what is written here and if that is the lunch the child was given and it was deemed unsuitable, I’d be outraged. Are you going to tell me that a chicken nugget meal would be healthier? Processed, condensed chicken parts, and you don’t know what those parts are, breaded, and fried, with probably, fries is a better option? I think not.
8. Insert your own random thought here.

From His Pursuing Kindness blog. “Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours” – Swedish Proverb

I’m running late with posting this Wednesday Hodgepodge so now I’m off to read everyone else’s posts!

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge

  1. I love that Swedish proverb. I shouldn’t be eating in the car either so its probably just as well my hubs can’t handle the crumbs. Twizzlers are sort of low fat : )

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